Evaporative Cooling is used in a variety of applications to increase the amount of usable space

and control the temperature of the enviroment. For example, a restaurant will be able to use an

outdoor patio even on a hot summer day . The results of this type of cooling are perfect and can

lower the temperature over 15 degree C with a minimal amount of energy.

Fog X kits are the easiest way to build your own misting system. You can easily design and install

your system to your Garden,Veranda, Patio or your balcony.

Fogsis will provide the easiest system to install. Thanks to our fittings and nozzles, we have a great

chance to install system without drips and unexpected problems.


You can download Fog app from Apple and Google to control your system precise. Remote control

and Bluetooth has a range 50 meters. The system will decrease temperature very fast to provide a

good environment for your family and guests.