Modern day horticulture requires growers to maintain critical levels of humidity and temperature

evenly throughout the greenhouse. Fogsis fog systems provide users with fog/mist solutions to

help achieve their goals of increasing production and crop value. With no dripping, perfectly

controlled evaporation and integrated equipment. Fogsis is the perfect partner in Controlled

Environment Agriculture.

• Humidification                                                        • Helps to minimize Brittleness and static electricity

• Cooling effect                                                         • Allow more light

• Increase germination and propagation          • Lowering stress

• Decrease water consumption                            • Easy breathing



One of the biggest advantages to using a fogging system is cost. These systems do save energy

over other humidification systems. Another benefit is that fogging systems do not have a reserve

tank to hold water, so there are few concerns about legionella and other contaminants. Legionella

have never been found in a fogging system, Because a water velocities within the fogger orifice

reach close to the speed of sound; then, after this enormous stress, the water particles are slammed

into an impact surface called a resonator. 

Additionally, every fogging system purges itself to drain when not in use, so standing water is not left

in the system to create bacterial growth environments. When a water supply is hard or soft and

contains a reasonable amount of mineral solids the contra-ctor must determine whether it warrants

removal of the majority of the solids prior to fogging or after fogging. To remove them prior to

fogging, an average-rated reverse-osmosis (RO) system is recommended.


   Red Point:

   Existing Climate Conditions

   Green Point:

  -Desired Climate Conditions (We can reach it with 0,254 CC flow rate )

  -Shaded Area: Possible Inside Temperature And relative Humidity

   (You can reach every point by fog system with changing flow rate)