The fogging system used with the purpose of cooling the environment in a short period of time is preferred with the aim of ensuring the moisture requirement of the plants especially in the green. This system reduces indoor temperature in greenhouses. In addition, the moisture required for the plant is provided. In addition, the soil is watered by the method of moistening the air.

  Construction of Fogging System

  According to the need, the system can be used in two different ways. These systems, which are used at high and low pressure, provide efficiency in their usage areas. This field uses chromium pipes for installation in high pressure fogging system. Water particles are thinned on a micron basis. 70 bar pressure is applied and water remains on the plant. Polyethylene pipes are used in low pressure systems. The maximum pressure is 6 or 7 bar and the installation is very practical. The cost is also very low.

Operational Logic of Fogging System

  High pressure pump is used in this system which consists of different elements. These pumps with 70 to 150 bar must be 8-35 I / min capacity. The ansynchronized ektromotor is used in filters that mechanically clean the water besides the pressure regulator. These filters between 5 and 20 microns prevent clogging. The spray nozzle is in the system with the control panel. Small water droplets are evaporated and brought to cooling water. The absorbed heat in the environment becomes fine water droplets at 10 microns. With the use of spraying nozzles, droplets of water start to sprinkle. This allows both the plant and the surrounding area to grow without getting wet. The system is used in different areas with the purpose of conditioning, spraying, cooling the environment, irrigation, humidification and sterilization.

What is Greenhouse Humidification Systems?

  Seralar experiences low yield due to high temperature in summer. To avoid this situation, the greenhouse humidification system is used to maintain or balance the humidity. Especially at high temperatures, fruits and vegetables need more nourishment. This moisturizing plant made without harming the greenhouse crops does not even have water marks. This system is made by spraying water particles with the fog nozzle. The air is heated by evaporation and the temperature is reduced by 15 degrees. Particularly sprayed water droplets Pressurized water over 100 bar quickly passes into the gas phase.

  In this way plants get the moisture they need without getting wet. It is important to adjust the amount of water to be sprayed in order to reduce the temperature and to have relative humidity. The amount of water should be adjusted to the highest temperature or the lowest humidity according to climatic conditions. This field fog system is the most suitable environment for growing plants in the green. Circulation fans, control and ventilation systems, fogging nozzles are used in greenhouse humidification. In this way, the mist system creates efficient uses. This will allow you to create more efficient uses in each area. Especially in the industrial area it will be possible to achieve higher efficiency with less cost.