The disintegration of water under high pressure into micron sized granules can be described as a fogging system. The pieces of water that are separated from the particles are distributed through the airway. These systems have a high pressure pump. And it separates the water into very small pellets. The particles are so small that they do not sediment and hang up in the air. Afterwards, it evaporates depending on the humidity of the environment. How Does the Fogging System Work? The water from the mains is filtered in the first place and is completely cleaned in this way. Subsequently, the high pressure fogging system is used to pressurize the water pressure between 70 and 120 bar. The water gains high pressure and reaches the level where it can be applied to the drawn lines. In this section, fog nozzles are installed and the water is pulverized and fogging is ensured. The fog nozzles dispense the liquid to the distant burning objects. The adjustable models of the nozzles and the discharge model cover more space than the same point.

Fogging Systemic Materials

 In the field to be applied, the fog system materials vary according to the size of the tread. Nozzles have certain thirst for consumption. Depending on these, the filter and pump group are determined. Among the materials used in general terms are nozzle, nozzle carrier, L connection pipe, T connection pipe, high pressure pipe-pump, filter group.

 Fogging around

 Greenhouses are one of the areas where fogging systems are used most effectively. Productive results are being obtained in these most needed areas. Especially in our country, foggy systems, which are used to capture the decreasing humidity in the winter months, are also preferred with the aim of increasing the quality of life of the plants. As a general rule, it is not always possible to achieve the desired moisture content as large areas. For this reason, the greenhouse humidification system is required to maintain humidity and the system must work accordingly. Humidity sensors are used to stabilize the humidity in the systems. With this sensor, the system closes when the desired nip is reached. When the humidity is low, the system works automatically. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a quality and continuous yield.

Fogging Pump

The system is a heart fog pump. For this reason, the highest cost in the system is the pressure pump. Consumption of the fog applied to the field determines the fogging pump. Subsequently, the water consumption is determined according to the pump. According to the size of the standards, the pricing changes in general. It is necessary to determine the materials according to the height and width of the shelf. The materials are calculated on the basis of the unit price and the costs are projected.

 Mixing Systems

 These systems, which have been used since 70 years, are adding innovations every day. Industrial mist system options have been created with years of development. Even more efficient results can be obtained when using all the humidification applications of the irrigation system. Industrial standards in the fogging system are 1000 psi. Correct fogging systems are required for an effective fogging system. Fogging systems that improve commercial operations with all benefits also increase the profitability of the business.