Dust that occurs after production on different sectors may cause some problems in the field. Moreover, not only the production areas, but after the work done in different places, the dust must be removed to make the environment healthy again. The fog system product, which evaluates today's technology in the best way, offers optimum quality in this regard. Provides service over two different types of systems.

   - The first is the mist cloud method which is evaluated to suppress wet materials. In this way, the dust to be released into the air, the wet state is where it crashes.

  - The second method is to allow the dust particles to hang in the air with a certain weight and mass in the air.

   Water droplets are used in this system and dust particles fall to the ground like a heavy mass. Thus, it remains constant and allows the environment to become more useful and healthy.

Fog Systems Offering a Healthy Environment

At the end of the work done in different areas depending on the industry, dusts form a dense cloud of fog. It is particularly dangerous for human health. It also causes damage to the machines on the production line or creates an unpredictable environmental condition. To avoid such a situation, the nozzle nozzle provides the best solution. The main reason for this is the different operating principle of the system. According to other products drip method makes the environment completely healthy in a short time.

  With scaling and mounting, water spraying is carried out at an equal level to each point of the area. The droplets that evaporate in the air then allow the dust to be completely eliminated. This process is carried out in a short time due to high pressure systems. Therefore, it is being evaluated intensively for different sectors around the world.

 Professional Powder Execution Support with Accurate Installation

   Powders must be removed from the environment with a certain synchronization and adaptation. The areas should not only be cleaned but also under a healthy process when performing this procedure. High pressure fog systems that provide support via two different methods are designed depending on the structure, production type and density of the area.

   - Energy saving.

  - The powder is fully pressed.

  - Water usage is minimized.

  - It is more effective than all other systems.

Long Life and High Quality Fog Systems

   Dusts put human health at great risk in production areas. However, the fog systems used with the correct production and assembly, digest the dusts spread to every point in the area. Since the day we were established, we provide you with the best support with our professional service policy.

   Creative design and engineering fog systems reach to all parts of the world within our company. Thanks to the after-sales service and long-lasting quality of use, production areas achieve the best working environment.

   Customer satisfaction, plug-and-play principle, efficient and economical structure are reflected in your production areas. Moreover, greenhouse humidification products, which we provide at very reasonable prices, offer optimum quality level at low costs.