Animal production takes place in a highly sensitive process. Necessary environmental conditions for animals must be established in production areas. In this way, it is possible to grow highly productive and healthy animals without any wastage. Animals are particularly uncomfortable, especially in the case of extreme temperatures. This negatively affects their health and becomes psychologically unhealthy. Animals do not have the same internal mechanism to combat increased temperature. Therefore, ventilation systems should be used in the production area to bring humidity and temperature to the desired level. The fog system products, which are activated in this regard, provide healthy animal breeding in a controlled manner.

  A Healthy Environment for Animal Breeders

The varieties of fog systems that have been produced by adhering to international standards worldwide have become very important in animal breeding. As a matter of fact, it offers the most effective solutions to the possible problems that animals may experience with temperature. Heat-protected animals do not exhibit drowsiness, do not vomit, feel more comfortable and have the opportunity to avoid diseases and birth complications. It also prevents temperature-related deaths.

  Special Fog System Products for High-Quality Animal Production Plant

 The fog system products are of great importance in order to achieve higher quality and provide comfort and productivity in animal husbandry facilities. These products, which have new generation technological features, provide the best conditions for animals in different seasons. The system operates with the principle of spraying water droplets on an equal level in every area; evaporation process in the environment to achieve a balance of ventilation and cooling. Thus, healthy production can be achieved in a more comfortable, airy and spacious environment.

 Importance of Fog System Varieties in Animal Cooling

As the country's population increases every year, the importance given to animal husbandry has increased. As a matter of fact, in order to achieve the supply-demand balance, it is necessary to provide the right environmental conditions for the animals in order to obtain quality breeding. In particular, reaching the desired level of moisture and temperature balance is the basic element of quality crop production without wasting. In this respect, with the new generation technological structure, high-pressure fog systems have started to be used quite a lot in the world.

 - Reduce stress in animals

 - High increase in meat, milk and egg production

 - Deodorizing the environment

 - Longer reproduction period

 - Energy saving opportunity in every aspect

 - Minimizing bird loss

  Special Fog Systems Under Professional Service Roof

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