The fogging system is a system used to cool the environment in a short time and to provide the nutrients needed for the plant in the greenhouse. One of the systems established with the aim of providing the seeds with the necessary nutrients and lowering the indoor temperature of the greenhouse is the fogging method. The fogging method is a technique between air humidification and soil watering.How is the fogging system done? Two different applications are used depending on the need for the fogging system.

- High Pressure Fogging

Chromium pipes are used for the installation of the system. 70 bar pressure is applied and the water particles are thinned on a micron basis. At high pressure fog, there is absolutely no water residue on the plant.

- Low Pressure Fogging

Polyethylene pipes are used for the installation of the system and the maximum pressure is 6-7 bar. The installation is easy and the cost is low. How Does the Fogging System Work? The fogging system consists of different elements.

• High pressure pump (70-150 bar with 8-35 l / min capacity)

• Ansenkronize ektromotor

• Pressure regulator

• Mechanically clean filter (5-20 microns) prevents water from clogging

• Spray nozzle

• Control Board

Small water droplets evaporate and cool down. The surrounding heat is absorbed. 10 microns of fine water droplets are sprinkled through the spray nozzles, causing moisture to rise without the environment and the plant getting wet.

In which areas is the fogging system used?

Air conditioning




It is used in different environments for sterilization purposes.

Cooling systems reduce the water particles down to 15 microns, providing a refreshing environment with no feeling of wetness at all, as the environment is refreshing. Fogsis reduces the fogging system by up to 15 degrees. Even if you are under the scorching heat in summer, you will not be affected by heat or humidity at all. Fogsis fogging systems are one of the systems that are very popular among those who buy this service with low water consumption and energy saving. Cooling systems that provide very little water and energy use are totally environmentally friendly and provide customers with the comfort and convenience they deserve.