At the end of the studies carried out on different sectors, dust particles create an undesirable effect in the area. This results in slowing down the work and causing employees to do their jobs in an unhealthy environment. Therefore, it is necessary to use ventilation systems as an effective method. However, these systems must perform a much more planned and scheduled, regular execution of the dust extraction process. This allows the dust to settle and collect without spreading further into the environment.   Today, the most important method is fog nozzle systems. The mist system with a simple operating principle is effective with different applications to control dust particles in the air.

  Effect of High-Pressure Fog Systems on Dust Control

  The high pressure fogging system is evaluated with 2 different application types. The first is the mist cloud method used to suppress the wet material. In this way, the danger of spreading more dust into the air is prevented by the wet system. This allows the work to be completed with a much lower level of dust throughout the process.

  The second is the method of using water droplets. In this way, a much heavier mass is created in the air with water droplets and the dust is absorbed in some way. The dust in the air or on the ground allows the environment to remain sterile with a higher fit. The principle of this system is quite simple.

  Water droplets spread evenly under the evaporation system through spraying. Thus, the environment is much more minimalized, creating a completely dust-free facility.

  Effect of fog systems for dust extraction

  - Provides better quality compared to other ventilation systems and offers energy saving.

 - Dust suppression is done in the fastest and most reliable way.

 - Minimizes water use very much.

 - It gives a more effective and advantageous method compared to all other system options along with ventilation or air conditioning.

  In order to make the area much more useful and healthier, fog systems provide the most efficiency with products designed to meet international standards.

  High-Pressure Fog Systems with Quality Product Service

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