In the last years, people are trying to find new solutions for the high level productivity in the farm areas, lands or botanic gardens. New systems are being developed and tried by the managers, to produce more and more vegetables in the farms and green houses. Plus this, animal farms need to have different process also, for the animals’ relaxing. As a result, some of materials and technics can be applied in these areas such as mist system instruments and even watering, feeding and cooling can be done easily. These positive things affect to the productivity directly. It means, lower costs and higher incomes are on the table after all…

Gain Money with the Useful Systems

                When people check the farms or gardens, they can see that there are some process are needed. For example, the high pressure fogging system is very important to have more and more food from the garden. Pressure is very helpful to give water in drops to the plants, fruits and vegetables. At this time, all the foods can be grown up fast and they can be matured in a short time. It means, sells will be perfect and everything will be better for the farms and gardens.

   The same system can be seen in the botanic gardens also. The managers of the gardens and farmers know that all these systems are required for having really nice productivity. Especially with the fog system everything is easy. The useful parts and systems affect to quantities of the products directly and these systems can give a chance to evaluate all the perfect conditions in production time.

                There are some process that can be mentioned in these areas. For example, open air cooling is very critical for the animals and vegetables. If the temperature is nice and air with full of oxygen, the productivity will be great. So, these technics are evaluated by all the managers. And in these systems, instrument selections is the key point. If the materials are strong, system is strong. The fog nozzle is a good example to explain it. It will give the air or water like spraying and it must be strong. If it is strong, system works perfectly.

                In the green house humidification process, all the vegetables or fruits must be grown up healthy. Because of this managers are very sensitive on these steps, for having more and better foods.