One of the most demanding parts of high pressure mist systems is mushroom production. Particularly considering that 90% of the mushrooms consist of water, it is very important to find an effective solution for temperature and humidity balance in the production area. Therefore, fog nozzle systems now offer the ideal opportunity for mushroom production. Water gives the possibility of spreading by means of vapor by equal vapor to each part at the point where the mushrooms are produced. Thus, water droplets are delivered to all cultivated fungi and a strong yield is obtained. In addition, because this process is performed much faster with the mist system options, the situation is achieved with low budgets while saving time.

Effective Method in Mushroom Cultivation Pressure Fog Systems

  Particularly the surface part of the mushrooms is much more affected by temperature and humidity, since there is no protection section in contact with air. Therefore, moisture and weight loss are extremely increased. However, it is of great importance that the temperature and humidity are always at optimum level when growing mushrooms. The compost should not be wet, but the compost should be moist. Thus, a certain amount of water, temperature and humidity required provides the right effect. High pressure fogging system varieties that we produce by benefiting from all the benefits of technology, offers you a special opportunity for mushroom cultivation. After the discovery and scaling at the place where you produce, we realize the production of the appropriate pressure system for the area. Then, by providing transportation and assembly process, we allow you to use these technological cooling and dampening systems safely.

Conditions for Mushroom Production

   Mushrooms are very sensitive plants even if they do not feel it visually. It demands temperature with high humidity so it spawns. Especially during fixing, it is important to catch a moisture in the right balance instead of watering. In order to keep the mushroom production industries under control and to produce high yields with the best efficiency, we are proud to offer you the range of fog systems under a professional service. These systems, which we have dealt with in an innovative understanding with creative engineering and design, enable the desired amount and efficient growth of all products in the production line. After-sales service and customer satisfaction, we continue to offer you our support in the future as well, within the scope of our service policy.

Advantages of Pressurized Fog Systems in Mushroom Breeding

  One of the most important factors of pressure systems for greenhouse humidification on mushroom cultivation is of course the desired balance in terms of temperature and humidity. But it is not limited to this. Energy savings, increased moisture content and natural cooling effects allow the cultivation of delicious products in exactly the desired size. Thanks to the professional support you have provided in this regard, our solutions, our experience and our business ethics and international standards are effective; We offer you the best products in the field of technology.