Tropical and subtropical plants need high temperatures and nutrition during their growth phase. In this way, both fast and abundant yields can be obtained from plants. Regular watering will not be enough for cultivated mushrooms, lemongrass, and heat-loving plants. Because these plants take water from the air of the environment. This is the reason why the Green Househumidification, the greenhouse humidification system, comes into play. This system can provide ample moisture. Green House Humidification systems are also used for botanical gardens and tropical areas, modern technology and culture, and greenhouse vegetation. Plants need moist and warm conditions for successful reproduction and excellent growth.

 Why Are Greenhouses Humidified?

 Constant humidity levels positively affect the growth of plants. Therefore, there must always be a consistent humidity level in the greenhouse. Proper cooling, humidification, and improvement of ventilation must be done to achieve a comfortable environment in which plants are developed. It is very important to combine low humidity with high temperatures. Therefore, humidity should not fall below 30% RH. High humidity can cause problems such as edge burning, mineral deficiencies, soft growth.

 What are Humidification Systems?

 It is important to keep the humidity level needed in closed areas at a certain level. For this purpose, Green Househumidification systems are used. After the system is installed, it can provide humidity at desired rates without any intervention. Green House Humidification systems include a fog nozzle, electronic box for monitoring and control, water and pneumatic connection kits. The water from the pressure is divided into parts between 5 and 15 microns by means of nozzles. These connections are provided by the aeration of the water. Control and monitoring electronics also keep humidity levels under control. The humidity, which rises to the desired level, is kept at constant values ​​with the level control.

 Working Principles of Humidification Systems

 The cost-conscious fogging system provides significant savings in terms of electricity and water consumption during use. Depending on the size of the environment and the capacity of the usage areas, different working methods and Green Househumidification systems can be preferred. Long-term uninterrupted operation is ensured in industrial humidification systems. Machines with a high-pressure fogging system operating at 70 bar pressure are for large greenhouses. If the humidity level is low, the Green House Humidification systems start automatically without any intervention. The fog system, which contributes positively to the cooling effect, realizes the venturi principle thanks to its atomizer nozzle. In addition, the fog system is a much more comprehensive system with odor control, humidification, external cooling, dust control, and special effects. The fogging system in each application uses its own design. In addition, humidification systems do not heat the environment. In some cases, the fog system can cover the entire design spectrum. In the remaining cases, the fog system flows down the center of the field as a single line. Correct design and a full understanding of the area will definitely be required for effective fogging systems.