All of the people need to have food, to be alive. It is a general information for humanity. The important thing is; the quality of the food… If the foods are healthy and various, we can talk about the healthy life. At this point, farms, green houses and gardens have critical jobs. In every season people need something from the nature and this kind of places must be ready against every type of conditions which can be called problems for high productivity… So, such as mist system there are some selections for the farmers or managers of these places, to develop the productivities. Like watering, cooling or feeding process, so many different steps must be real in the farms or green houses.

Fogging Systems are Preferred

                So many managers or farmers try to have the best conditions for their plants, animals, vegetables and fruits. Because of this they are trying to find the best solutions in their lands. The high pressure fogging system is one of the best system in this sector. The high pressure helps to spreading and spraying water to every side of the land. And the fresh air can be got with this system also. So many advantages can be taken with it to have perfect productivity.

                Animals must be relax in the farms also, for having healthy meats and milks, also the eggs. The animal foods can be got from the farms in a short time, but the animals mustn’t be stressed. So, the temperature must be nice, open air cooling system must be worked perfectly, all the foods must be available and ready… The similar things are valid for the vegetables and fruits also. In this production lines, the fog system is very useful, for watering and cooling. It works nicely and all the plants can get the water and air practically. Also it saves the time and money.

                Another point is about the selections of system parts. If the best materials are being selected, the results of the system is perfect. For example, fog nozzle must be useful, practical and strong in the green houses. So, managers can use it for so many years and avoid the extra costs.

                The green house humidification is also very important and to gain more margins, these systems must be real. Managers and farmers prefer the green house humidification at their lands and productivity is better.