The fogging system provides a balance of coolness and humidity in the environment in a short time. Thanks to the excellent innovative system, also called the fogging system, heat and humidity control can be achieved in living spaces. There are systems operating with high-low pressure. It can create a spacious environment for those present by creating coolness in open-air environments with the fogging method. As a system that creates the opportunity to breathe and relax in many areas of life, it provides high comfort and economic gain to its user.

 Where is Fogsis System Used?

The fogging system, also called the fogging system, is used for dust suppression in construction demolition works and industrial areas. You can feel the coolness of the water sprayed in the form of particles with the high-pressure system, no residue is seen. It becomes micron-fine particles. With the support of chrome pipes and nozzles at the end, pressure is created and water is sprayed. The particles of the water, whose coolness and presence can be felt, are so thin that they cannot be seen.

The system, which is generally used in greenhouses, provides the necessary moisture balance to the products. In the system that constitutes the fogging system, the basic part fog nozzle is used. The nozzle is used in sizes from 0.10mm diameter to 0.70mm. The fogging method, which is used in many areas of life, provides a balance against hot and cold weather. It is used to provide cooling in animal care areas and to provide humidification in mushroom growing areas. works 24/7 as the safest and closest support address.

 What are the Reasons for Using a Fogging System?

 Fogsis system, also known as fogging, is released to the environment through nozzles used to provide high pressure. There are particles that can be suspended in the air or spraying at the sprinkler set. This system is a system that saves energy and water and provides high efficiency in the area where it is used. Among its uses, dust suppression works, Places requiring disinfection and deodorization, In order to provide humidity and coolness in greenhouses and to reach the targeted efficiency, Textile and paper processing fields, In order to provide heat and humidity balance in industrial areas,

And it is a magnificent system that can be used as a means of pleasure in entertainment areas with special effects. The Fogsis system can provide high profits with the interest and visual feast it will create in the area where it is used. High comfort and efficiency are achieved with the system, which consists of many elements such as fog ring, nozzle, control mechanisms, filters.

Fogsis System Installation and Usage Advantages

 It provides high comfort in the living areas where it is used. It prevents the products from being affected by the heat and losing their efficiency. It helps animals to live in a comfortable environment by preventing them from being adversely affected by the heat in areas where animals are raised. It is used safely in places that require odor, insect, and disinfection. Thanks to greenhouse humidification processes called greenhouse humidification, it increases production efficiency. By losing moisture in mushroom growing areas, a low yield of mushrooms can be prevented. The fogging system works as a flawless innovative system. It has features that can be used safely in all areas of life. You can get information about all hardware by visiting as a source of information and support about need status or system features.