Fog System

Fog systems are widely used in greenhouses. In short, fogging systems, known as humidification and fogging systems, are very useful and an important agricultural activity tool among plants. With the replacement of traditional agriculture with modern agricultur[...]

What Is The Fogging System Used For?

The fogging system is a method between air humidification and soil irrigation and is highly developed. It is used in greenhouses to cool the environment in a short time. Air temperature and leaf temperature are important for the healthy development of plants. [...]

What is the Fogging System Logic Principle?

The fogging system, which offers a different understanding with its developed new generation system, is widely used all over the world. The system, which has revolutionized especially in humidification and cooling, provides a low cost and quality production ar[...]

What Privileges Does Greenhouse Humidification Offer?

Humidification and cooling are very important for the production of fruit and vegetables in a healthier and higher quality environment. Maintaining critical humidity and temperature levels equally constitutes the basis of an organic and healthy education. Unde[...]

In Which Areas Is Mist System Used?

The mist system, which supports a healthy production and offers easy use with its new-generation system, is jointly evaluated in many different sectors. High-pressure fog systems, which are widely used in countries around the world, especially globally, contin[...]