What is Fog System?

The principle of spraying water from specially produced jets under high pressure in the form of fog is realized thanks to Fog technology. Water particles in the form of fog evaporating in the air cool the air evaporatively, so the relative humidity also increa[...]

How is Fogging System Working Principle?

The fogging system offers a completely different usage structure compared to other ventilation and humidification systems. It should be noted that it provides many different features, especially in terms of the user design. For this reason, it has gained a [...]

What is the Importance of Mist System in Industrial Area?

It is of great importance to the industry at the point of production of technological designs. Especially since the transition to the industry 4.0 system, the automation system has much more important potential. Accordingly, the protection of products and the [...]

Why Are High pressure Fogging Systems Preferred?

The high-pressure fogging system, known as high-pressure fog systems in Turkish, has spread all over the world. In particular, the advantages and opportunities it provides seem to have attracted the attention of many sectors. Most importantly, low cost and hig[...]

What is a Fogging System? Where to use?

The fogging system, in other words, the fogging system, is a system that cools the environment in a short time and provides the moisture required by the plants when used at the top. On the other hand, it is used to remove odours, suppress dust, open-air coolin[...]