High-Pressure Cooling Methods

A pressurized cooling system is an application used in many fields such as industry and industry, agriculture and construction. Fogsis.com address continues to work as your closest information, production and installation support. Your design, manufacturing an[...]

What is Fog System?

In our country, where agriculture is decreasing gradually and therefore the need for the number of people engaged in agriculture has increased, convenience has been provided to people engaged in agriculture. Systems have been established to provide the necessa[...]

What is Fog System? How does it work?

The fogging system, also known as the fogging system, is a system that can cool the environment in a short time and can provide as much moisture as the plants need when used in the greenhouse. It is also used in removing odours and insects, outdoor cooling, du[...]

Fogging System and Usage Areas

The fogging system, which is a method between air humidification and soil irrigation, is one of the highly developed methods of recent times. It is used in the greenhouse with the aim of cooling the environment in a short time. Air temperature and leaf tempera[...]

What is the Irrigation & Cooling System?

As climate change becomes increasingly unavoidable, measures are being taken. It is used in agricultural fields, greenhouses, for dust suppression. A magnificent system has been developed that can also be used for mushroom cultivation, paper textile moisture p[...]

In Which Areas Is Fog System Used?

The fog system, which is spread over a wide area as a working environment, is one of the most important cooling and humidification systems of today. In fact, it is possible to say that it has the best design, especially when considered as a technological struc[...]