Open Air Cooling

                In the farms, having high level productivity is very important and farm managers try to improve the general situation about this topic. Not only for animals, but also for plants, vegetables, fruits and si[...]

What are Fogging Systems

The fogging system is a system used to cool the environment in a short time and to provide the nutrients needed for the plant in the sera. One of the systems established with the aim of providing the seeds with the necessary nutrients and lowering the indoor t[...]


   Used widely across the world today, this system is known as the fogging system or misting system. It is the best and most effective method used in cooling outdoor spaces.    A fog layer is created in the air without dripping or wettin[...]


    Dust control is a problem in closed and open areas. Particularly in sand, stone and mine quarries, cement factories, construction sites, concrete plants, etc., the dust that sets up in the air creates unfavorable conditions. Dust suppression[...]


   Temperature and humidity are the most important factors that affect mushroom production. The humidity rate should be between 80-90% in mushroom production. High pressure fogging system is a very important system that must be installed correctly. T[...]