Adapt to Climatic Conditions with Fogsis

Cooling systems are the most modern way to adapt to climatic conditions. The factory is seen as a great resource in the entertainment industry as well as in greenhouse, industry, and animal husbandry. With the high-pressure system, the fog system provides a ma[...]

What are the Benefits of the FOG System?

The fog system is a ventilation process that is one of the latest technological methods. Fogging methods, which are widely preferred in greenhouses, provide efficiency from fruit and vegetable production. Systems, which have a working logic in parallel with th[...]

What is Misting System?

Misting system is a cooling system that is widely used in open areas. It eliminates the effect of heavy and overwhelming air in the applied place and removes it from the environment by means of a fan. Misting system generally consists of a pressure pipe, press[...]

Fogging System

The fogging system is called the whole system that is used to cool the environment in a short time and provides the necessary moisture when used in the greenhouse. It shows itself among the most preferred method for removing insects and bad odors. It is one of[...]

What Do High-Pressure Fogging Systems Do?

Ideal living environments of the creatures should not be in conditions of extreme heat or cold, extreme low or high humidity. Especially with the correct humidification systems used in greenhouses, higher quality plants grow, faster and more fertile harvesting[...]

Where is Mist System Used?

One of the systems used to cool the environment is the mist system. Since it has a safe use, it has now managed to become one of the indispensable open spaces. It is effective in reducing the temperature value in the environment. It provides a cooler and more [...]