What is Greenhouse Humidification Services

  Greenhouse humidification, which is necessary for a successful greenhouse, prepares the perfect environment for plants without exposure to any wetting. Our company, which is one of the important business partners of controlled environmental agricul[...]

Effective Solution for Correct Moisture and Temperature

In order to obtain optimum humidity, lower the temperature and produce the plants and the electronic systems inside the different products with high performance, fog nozzle systems are required. For better product and plant activity, to keep away from scorchin[...]

Quality Production with High Pressure Fog Systems

Since the day we were established, we continue to provide quality service by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront in the name of the cooling and humidification systems we are in operation. We provide continuous communication with you for the fog nozz[...]

Fogsis Continues to Improve Reclamation Systems!

 Fogsis continues to improve itself for humidification, washing, painting and other needs. In order to provide convenience in agriculture, the fog nozzle system prevents damage to greenhouses. Fogsis offers its nozzle system to all its customers in order [...]

Fog Systems for Efficient Production

In order to efficiently pass through the production line in different sectors, it is of great importance that the humidity and temperature ratio to reach the optimum level today. Therefore, thanks to its high technological features, the fog nozzle offers a spe[...]

High pressure fog system

Gradient between the greenhouse. Generally temperatures rise from the wet pad to the fans. Growers can largely avoid this issue by using a high pressure fog system. The Air Inside The Greenhouse. Mostly growing high - pressure systems. The Basically, if [...]