What is Fog Nozzle Systems

It is a special system that balances the humidity and temperature ratio in industrial areas, factories, greenhouses or for cooling purposes. Used in all over the world, fog nozzle systems offer a more efficient solution than air conditioning and ventilation op[...]

What are the High Pressure Fog System Uses

With the rich possibilities brought by today's technology, fog nozzle systems have a wide range. These products, which are considered as the new generation cooling and humidification systems, provide high product efficiency at much lower costs. The system [...]

General Efficiency with Fog Systems

In order to reduce the indoor temperature of the greenhouse, the preferred fog system provides the moisture needed by the plants. The system makes ambient cooling in a short time. With this method, the soil is watered and the air is moistened. Each plant needs[...]

Which areas of the fog system are used

The fog system, which is produced with a high-level technological structure, is used in a wide area. It allows reaching the desired level of humidity and temperature balance in any area. Thanks to its advanced technology, what kind of humidity and temperature [...]

How to Use Fog Systems for Greenhouses

Plants that need to be grown in different periods of the year can be obtained in all seasons thanks to greenhouses. However, it is of great importance to ensure that the right ambient conditions are achieved for the products. Therefore, the humidity and temper[...]