What is Mist System Privilege?

The mist system, which is used all over the world with its rational solution methods, differs significantly from other ventilation and humidification systems. The system, which provides first-class support especially with its working principle, also provides t[...]

Why is Fog System Preferred?

Fog effects are one of the important steps for the development of plants. Thanks to the Fog system, the fogging needed by the plant takes place. When the system is applied, it will be necessary to make continuous controls for its longevity. Thanks to the high-[...]

What Is The Fogging System Used For?

The fogging system is a method between air humidification and soil irrigation and is highly developed. It is used in greenhouses to cool the environment in a short time. Air temperature and leaf temperature are important for the healthy development of plants. [...]

What are the Usage Areas of the Misting System?

Mist systems are most commonly described as a series of specialized water jets arranged in a row around the perimeter of an area. A high-pressure mist system is connected to the pump and forced to spray water. There are many areas where the misting system is u[...]

What is the Importance of Fogging System?

A high-pressure fogging system has become one of the solutions that have turned into a need in many sectors. It has succeeded to be preferred because it will provide longevity in the environments used. It stands out as a system with a high-pressure feature. It[...]