Systems for Increasing Productivity in Production

Different factors must be balanced in order to spread the development of plants to the right process. In order to keep the temperature and humidity ratio at desired level, especially against weather conditions, fog nozzle systems offer an effective solution to[...]

What is the contribution of fog systems on animal cooling

Animal production takes place in a highly sensitive process. Necessary environmental conditions for animals must be established in production areas. In this way, it is possible to grow highly productive and healthy animals without any wastage. Animals are part[...]

Mist System

Mist system products, which offer a different innovation for ventilation, allow common use in all areas. Humidity and temperature balance are particularly important when it comes to production sites. As a matter of fact, effective ventilation systems are neede[...]

Mushroom Production from High Pressure Fog Systems

One of the most demanding parts of high pressure mist systems is mushroom production. Particularly considering that 90% of the mushrooms consist of water, it is very important to find an effective solution for temperature and humidity balance in the production[...]