Your Advantage Partner Fog System

Your Advantage Partner Fog System

In large industrial areas such as seralar, the fogging system provides high working efficiency. They can be used in animal cooling areas, cork production, industrial use, textile and paper processing industries, and odor control systems. The system is generally used to cool the environment. It can operate with high or low pressure.   Fogging around   It is important for plant breeders to keep temperature and humidity levels similar in the use of greenhouses in today's horticulture. For this reason, greenhouse humidification systems can be included. With these systems, users benefit from achieving crop and production value, boosting goals. It is also applied as steam and mist solutions. There is no drip on the system. Evaporation and integrated equipments are perfectly controlled. This will enable greenhouses to be irrigated without dripping. The fog system will be a perfect partner in areas such as humidification, germination, cooling effect, spreading, reducing water consumption, minimizing brittleness and static electricity, providing more light, reducing stress, easy breathing and accelerating plant growth.

Animal Cooling

  In extreme temperatures animals experience difficult times like humans. Being able to cope with warmth does not have the same internal mechanism as the aim. This is why fogging systems allow animals to live in more comfortable areas. Animals will be protected against many negativities when they are protected from heat. With fogging systems you can get comfort and efficiency at the same time. The system will provide advantages such as increased meat, milk, egg production, stress reduction in animals, prevention of odor, longer aquaculture, energy saving, bird loss.

  Mushroom Production

  Fresh mushrooms containing 90 percent water, weight and water loss at a rapid rate of humidity below 90 percent. For this reason, temperature and humidity control is very important during the production stages. It is important that it is moist, and it should not be wet with it. With high temperature and high humidity, spawning is released. In the production of fungus you can control with high pressure fogging system. Energy savings, increased humidity and natural cooling are among the advantages.

Industrial Use   Fogging systems for cooling to the production environment are very important. Fogging systems involving these systems, including compressed air fans, pad fan cooling, heat exchangers, liquid emission and air conditioning systems; it will increase the quality of the working environment. These systems, which reduce energy consumption, have advantages such as increased efficiency, reduced odor, saving energy, reducing heat stress, humidifying, reducing the temperature.   Odor Prevention   Fogging systems are also used to remove pests and remove unwanted odors. These systems can be evaluated on a much more comprehensive system of mist systems. Biological filters, chemical cleaners are less costly than conventional odor control systems. Energy-saving systems are also the most efficient and quick way to control odor. System requirements include fog nozzle options.