What is the Fog System for Greenhouse Areas?

What is the Fog System for Greenhouse Areas?

Thanks to the greenhouse areas, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are produced in many different climates. However, what is important here is that the weather conditions in the greenhouse are fully adapted. It is especially important to maintain the critical humidity and temperature levels equally in the greenhouse. For this reason, humidification and cooling systems must offer a continuous and effective working principle. Of course, while providing this, a healthy use is also important in terms of cost and in the long term. For this to happen, the fog system is among the most preferred structures of recent years.

  Fog System Solutions for Greenhouse Areas

  High pressure fog systems that provide rational solution methods make the serial areas much more efficient. This system, which enables high production under a completely organic structure, provides the opportunity to create an equal moisture and temperature balance in the greenhouse area. These systems are widely used all over the world, offering a special opportunity to increase production and crop value.

  High pressure fog systems, which stand out as a unique partner especially in terms of controlled translation agriculture, offer an infected structure with a special evaporation method. With these solutions, vegetable and fruit production takes place in many different regions in a fast, healthy and safe way.

  Advantages of High Pressure Fog Systems in Greenhouse Areas

  Produced in accordance with international world quality standards, high pressure fog systems offer many different advantages, especially in greenhouse areas.

  - Humidification

 - Increasing germination and propagation significantly

 - Cooling

 - Keeping water consumption at a minimum

 - Minimizing fragility with static electricity

 - Possibility to get more light

 - Easier breathing potential for plants

 - To ensure the ready growth of plants

 - Relieve stress

  With such important opportunities and advantages, the fogging system has become one of the indispensable structures of greenhouse areas today. The fogging system can be used safely for greenhouse areas regardless of the region in the production of vegetables and fruits with a perfect agriculture.


 Special Use System Fog System

  The fog system, which has a different structure than other humidification and cooling systems, provides a privileged use structure. As the name suggests, this structure, which has a high pressure spray system, provides equal access to every area. Thus, the droplets evaporate in the air and reach all different vegetables and fruits equally. Moreover, the desired critical humidity and cooling level can be achieved, as it gives the opportunity to adjust this specifically depending on the area.

  Fog System Service

  High pressure fog systems, which are used worldwide today with a professional service approach, provide a long-lasting and efficient structure. In addition to an organic production, it also provides a serious economic advantage in terms of cost. These systems, which are produced according to the area, are offered with professional support from transportation to assembly and use.