What is the Effect of High Pressure Fog Systems on Greenhouse Areas

What is the Effect of High Pressure Fog Systems on Greenhouse Areas

When viewed over both seasonal conditions and the geological point of view, Turkey is an agricultural country full. Anatolia, where four seasons are experienced clearly, provides an environment suitable for cultivation of many different vegetables and fruits worldwide. However, when looking at the country from a regional perspective, of course, not every product can achieve the desired high efficiency.

  This is why greenhouse method is used in different parts of the country. As a matter of fact, the humidity and temperature balance should reach the desired level regarding the product to be grown against different seasonal conditions. For this, correct ventilation systems should be evaluated. As a matter of fact, high pressure fogging system types have come to the fore in terms of lower cost and higher efficiency.

  Pressure Fog Systems for High Production

  Greenhouse areas provide the opportunity to create the desired environment for different vegetables and fruits in different regions. However, greenhouses alone are not enough. For this reason, special ventilation systems that will ensure high efficiency and reduce costs are evaluated. In recent years, thanks to its special working principle, high pressure fogging system products are highly evaluated.

  These products, which have a technological structure that will provide high light and low water consumption, offer the opportunity to grow higher quality and organic products. The system, which provides perfect control evaporation in terms of controlled environmental agriculture, offers the right solution for greenhouse areas.

  Possibilities of High Pressure Fog Systems for Greenhouse Areas

  It is the most important advantage of high pressure fogging system products, especially to reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, it is possible to talk about different factors when it is necessary to elaborate.

 - Humidification

 - Increasing payment with germination

 - Special cooling system

 - To minimize water consumption

 - Higher light intake

 - Achieving minimum level of static electricity with sensitivity

 - Easy breathing for plants

 - Stress relief

  With all the advantages and advantages provided, plants gain much faster growth. Pressurized fog systems offer a new generation of technological structure for growing completely natural, quality and high yield products.

  Professional Service for Plant Breeding to Show High Content

  Vegetable and fruit production is of great importance for every country. Greenhouses are also important for this production to be carried out in a healthy and high yield for four seasons. In parallel, special ventilation systems are required for greenhouses to provide a healthy growing environment.

  Regardless of the size of the greenhouses, this system, which sends water droplets equally to each part, provides equal humidity and temperature with the evaporation method. High pressure fog systems, produced according to international standards, provide low cost, high efficiency, long-lasting structure and human and environmentally sensitive use.

  Special Systems With Reliable Service Policy

  As the leader of the sector, you can safely supply these special fog systems within our company. Our professional staff offers you the best support from scaling to production and assembly. In addition, thanks to the after-sales service policy, you can get solution-oriented help whenever you want