What is Misting System Working Principle

What is Misting System Working Principle

Mist system, which replaces existing systems in the field of humidification and cooling, offers effective solution methods with its special working principle. The revolutionary high-pressure fog systems, in particular to improve the quality of the products and the working environment, also offer special potential in reducing production time. This naturally reduces costs and also provides very high yields. On the other hand, these systems, which reduce the use of energy considerably, are used all over the world in accordance with international quality standards.


 What is the Mist System Working Principle?


 Mist system, which has a completely different working principle compared to other humidification and cooling systems, is among the most popular products of recent years. It has become the most important product for many different sectors, especially as it reduces the yield and provides higher quality products. This system works by air evaporation of water droplets.


 With its special machine system, water droplets that are spread evenly over the spray path perform humidification and cooling for the entire area by evaporation in the air without touching the floor. Moreover, it provides this in a very short time and under high quality.


 Mist System with Wide Usage Area


 Mist system, known as the fog system in Turkish, has a very easy operating principle. Moreover, depending on the dimensions of the mother and the understanding of production, the degree can be adjusted for each manufacture. Of course, it provides not only manufacturing and production names but also special effects. Thus, it provides a nice effect in the field with nice sound and smoke effect.


 It also provides a special use for cooling off in hotels and similar areas. Of course, most importantly, it has an important usage potential in industrial areas, textile, greenhouse and animal husbandry. It can be installed properly for every area under many different purposes such as dust suppression or odor prevention.


 High Pressure Fog Systems with Special Production


 High pressure fog systems, which are prepared with a corporate understanding and based on creative design and engineering, are produced in accordance with every field. With the discovery made in the direction of special planning, first of all, a project is designed in accordance with the structure of the area. With the planning under consideration, production takes place in accordance with the area and personal requests. Then, with timely transportation, installation is provided through assembly. After all these processes, high pressure systems can be used efficiently and cost-effectively for many years.


 High Pressure Fog Systems with Quality Service Concept


 As the world's four sides, Turkey also can communicate now supported for high-pressure fog systems via a high quality service. It also provides after-sales service support for these systems, which are mounted via scaling and installation and transportation. These systems, which are handled at affordable prices according to international high standards, have the potential to operate safely.