What is Misting System? Usage areas

What is Misting System? Usage areas

As technology continues to develop, new concepts enter daily life, increasing day by day and gaining success. Especially in recent years, the biggest change continues to be with cloud computing. In addition, the development of complementary technologies is progressing noticeably in order to complete the technologies that complement cloud computing and provide solutions with new business needs, to perfect them and to provide trouble-free service, and eventually to turn them into products such as smart cities and state-of-the-art vehicles.

 The misting system or fog system, which is a big and indispensable part of life, is one of the systems that work very successfully and attracts attention.

  What is Misting System?

  Cooling and cooling systems, namely mist systems, stand out as device systems that serve to refresh the environment by reducing the temperature of water particles. The water, which becomes particles, mixes with the air and gains its rapid feature, causing a decrease in temperature. Thanks to the temperature drop principle, dust and similar dirt in the air are removed from the environment, and it provides a great advantage in the environment by keeping flies or similar insects away. As another part of indoor climate control, dehumidification system or misting system devices are used in mist systems in environments and living areas that have to provide humidity control due to many reasons such as human health and machine and equipment health, product, raw material, and material health, and efficiency. is used. Dehumidifiers are available based on the need for different types and capacity features, such as reducing the high humidity value to the desired level and keeping it constant at that level.

  Misting System Features

 It stands out with its high-performance systems with high humidity and rate for reliable performance and continuous uninterrupted operation.

Thanks to the built-in temperature and humidity sensor for real-time monitoring, the system is used with a touch control panel in advance, and the misting system stands out with its easy-to-use and environment-friendly feature.

It has a drying feature and shows high-efficiency performance to provide a smooth process of airflow.

It has a unique design that reduces heat loss and provides better sealing and insulation structure.

All materials used during production are produced in high quality and resistant to abrasion.

There is no visual pollution in the area where the system will be used.

Mist System Usage Areas

Cafes and Restaurants

Outdoor Organizations

Meeting and Concert Areas

Parks and Gardens

Outdoor Areas such as Varanda, Balcony, and Terrace

Fair and Show Centers

Shopping malls

Exhibition Areas

The mist system is among the systems used in common areas such as hotels in accordance with the purpose of cooling the environment.