What is Fogging System?

What is Fogging System?

The fogging system, or fogging system, is a system that shortens the environment in a short period of time and provides the moisture needed by the plants when used in the hill. It is also used to remove odors and odors, to create special effects by dust suppression, open air cooling and fog or smoke images.

  How Does the Fogging System Work?

  Chrome pipes and nozzles are used in mist system installation applied in two different ways, high pressure and low pressure. High pressure fogging system is the process of bringing water particles to micron level so as not to make water residue with applied high pressure. The water being examined is small enough not to be seen as water residues on the plants. The fog nozzle, the fog nozzle, is the basic part of the fogging system. Nickel-plated nozzles are designed to meet the needs of different sizes up to 0,10 mm dia. 0.70 mm.

High Pressure Fogging System

  The high-pressure fogging system separates the water from the sludge and fog it. It is injected with the desired medium diluted with the nozzles used in the high pressure units. The quality of the water depends on the type of nozzle used. There are a variety of nozzles in the thickness to make rain water hanging in the air. The fog system, which saves water and energy usage and reaches the target with the maximum efficiency achieved from the used field, passes water through the micro-nozzles to a certain degree of hardness and this process is done by high pressure spraying. At this time the water is broken down into small particles called microns. Nozzles used in water spraying are produced from durable metals despite the effect of high pressure abrasion. In low pressure fogging system, water is sprayed at 6-7 bar pressure against 70-150 bara at high pressure.

  Fogging Systems

  Fogging systems are a system used in dozens of areas; it serves different purposes such as humidification, dust suppression, disinfection, deodorization, etc., especially in cooling by lowering the temperature of the environment. Nowadays, greenhouse cultivation is a closed cultivation process in a certain humidity and temperature level. Greenhouse humidification, which helps achieve target production by increasing efficiency, increases efficiency by reducing water consumption while increasing greening by cooling effect. Animal cooling, mushroom production, industrial production areas, textile paper processing, odor control, dust suppression, special effects and outdoor cooling are the main areas of use.

- In the cooling of the land, the animals are kept in a more comfortable environment and the productivity is increased by means of collective production places.  

- It is important that the humidity and temperature are balanced in the production of cork. The mushroom system produces high quality and effective fungus.

 - It enables the existing systems to work more efficiently in industrial applications and in textile production environments.

 - fogging system used for odor control and dust suppression; It is effective in removing unwanted odors, dust and pests.  

-Special effects of fog and smoke created by watching the image attracts the attention of which activity is used to increase the income obtained from the event.

 -It is possible to use the restaurant or café's terrace with a fogging system on a hot day when the air is cooled.