What are the High Pressure Fog System Uses

What are the High Pressure Fog System Uses

With the rich possibilities brought by today's technology, fog nozzle systems have a wide range. These products, which are considered as the new generation cooling and humidification systems, provide high product efficiency at much lower costs. The system acts on equal pressure water spraying principle.

   In particular, water bubbles reaching all parts of different production areas evaporate by contact with air to form the heat balance. Thus, it provides a more spacious working environment by providing an effect on air circulation. Mist system products which have a wide usage area are offered under high technology with professional production, transportation and assembly processes.

 Usage Areas of High Pressure Systems

  Depending on the structure of the production line and the products, high pressure fogging system is evaluated in almost every sector. These new systems, which have a strong portfolio, provide an effective solution by replacing ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  - As an air cooling system, it is an effective method in the areas where fed animals are produced. Thus, in the environment where the heat balance occurs, the production is carried out in confidence.

  - Used in mushroom production lines. 90% of the structure is fungi with water, so that the balanced moisture environment performs a higher containing.

  - It is evaluated for the cooling of production lines from industrial areas. Especially at the point of production of mechanical factors, humidity and temperature ratio are balanced to prevent damage to the systems.

  - It is used in textile and paper factories in order not to wrinkle, tear, or stay away from such factors.

  - It is among the most natural methods to control the amount of dust particles.

  - It is also considered as an effect to create a pleasant ambience and to create a beautiful effect.

  - Especially for the removal of different odors and pests stand out in different areas.

  - It is the most important factor that businesses evaluate in different places in summer.

 Greenhouse Humidification

   High-pressure fog systems, which have more and more use in the world, are being densely evaluated especially for greenhouse humidification purposes. It creates the balance of humidity and temperature necessary for plants.


  Moreover, it is considered as an effective method in all greenhouse areas in all seasons. Thanks to an equal level of water pressure for each point, it achieves the right heat balance in the greenhouse. In this way, the plants grow more efficiently and quickly by being protected from extreme cold and heat.

 High Pressure Fog Systems

   The types of fog systems that we have dealt with in a professional manner, are perfect from production to assembly and are completed under the roof of the service. Manufacturing, scaling, transportation and installation are applied all over the world with our expert staff.

   Correct environments are being prepared in order to make the production areas more efficient and to work at low costs. Our innovative understanding of creative design and engineering offers you the right environment for ventilation systems. Thus, we deliver the fastest and most productive product by guaranteeing the fastest delivery at reasonable prices.