In Which Areas is Fog Nozzle Used?

In Which Areas is Fog Nozzle Used?

In order to realize a healthy production for many different sectors, heat and humidity balance is of great importance. The production area must be under the control of humidification and cooling systems in order to catch the desired quota together with quality production without any problems. New generation fog nozzle systems, which have been specially developed with today's technology, have taken this a step further. It is among the most popular systems of recent years, especially because it reduces costs and provides higher performance.


 Fog Nozzle Systems with Different Features


 With its various features, the fog nozzle, which is separated in other ventilation systems, enables high pressure system. The system, which is evaluated extensively in many different sectors, provides effective opportunities in every respect. In addition to its low cost and strong performance especially in the production area, its long-lasting use makes the system a step forward.


 Using with plug-and-play system and providing economic opportunities, it provides the opportunity to realize the desired production with high efficiency. It is one of the biggest features of the system that it provides equal humidity and ventilation to every point in the production area.


 Working Principle of the Fog Nozzle System


 Fog nozzle, which has a different operating principle compared to other systems, is the most used humidification and cooling systems in many different countries around the world. The system, which has a strong mechanical and technological structure, works over water droplets. The water droplets that are spread evenly in the air contact with all the points together with evaporation to achieve effective humidification and ventilation. Thus, the temperature balance in the environment is captured much more clearly.


 Usage Areas of Fog Nozzle Systems


 High pressure fog systems, which are evaluated intensely for many different sectors worldwide, offer effective solution methods. These systems are regarded in Turkey as well as intense in the four corners of the world through different sectors.


 - Greenhouses,

 - Small ruminant breeding,

 - Mushroom production,

 - Industrial use,

 - Paper / textile industry,

 - Odor control,

 - Powder printing,

 - Special effects,

 - Open air cooling,


 It is one of the most useful systems to obtain correct humidification and ventilation for many different sectors such as these. It provides a long-lasting structure with its new generation technological structure and special production for each area.


 Professional Fog Nozzle Systems With Corporate Service Approach


 You can evaluate the high pressure fog systems with the understanding of quality service. The system, which is assembled together with special manufacturing and scaling, also offers after-sales service with its innovative approach. Special high pressure fog systems, handled with creative design and engineering, can be safely evaluated easily.


 You can evaluate these special systems, which offer an economical solution and provide efficiency in different production areas, at very reasonable prices. You can evaluate fog systems produced under international high standards with effective solutions under experienced service.