How to Use Fog Systems for Greenhouses

How to Use Fog Systems for Greenhouses

Plants that need to be grown in different periods of the year can be obtained in all seasons thanks to greenhouses. However, it is of great importance to ensure that the right ambient conditions are achieved for the products. Therefore, the humidity and temperature ratio must be brought to the desired balance. Many different systems are used. However, high costs and low productivity lead manufacturers to different methods.

  Fog nozzle systems, which evaluate today's technology in every subject, have brought a brand new cycle about greenhouses. For the different fruits and vegetables that need to maintain the balance of moisture and temperature, the exact desired environment is captured. In order to maximize product values ​​and achieve supply-demand balance, fog systems offer a high chance of production.

  Benefits of Fog Systems for Greenhouses

  High-pressure fog systems are equipped with drip, best control evaporation and integrated equipment. Mist system in the controlled environment agriculture offers an excellent partnership for manufacturers. Especially thanks to the rich properties it provides, it allows to grow more organic, high yield healthy vegetable fruits.

  - Cooling effect

 - Temperature and humidity balance capture feature

 - The chance to increase germination and reproduction to a maximum point

 - An advantage of minimizing water consumption

 - Do not allow optimum light reception

 - Reduce stress and provide higher efficiency

  With all these properties, the growth of the plants produced reaches the maximum level. In addition, sensitivity and static electricity are drawn to very low points in the greenhouse.

  Quality Plant Breeding

  In order to provide a high yield for vegetable and fruit production, conditions are of great importance. In particular, the balance of moisture and temperature should be spread evenly over the area. In general, it is not easy to catch this at the best level. However, high pressure fogging system types allow it to be maximized. The main reason for this lies in the working principle of the system.

  This product, which is used with the drip method, supports water pressure system with equal pressure. With the pressure reaching equal to each point of the area, the water evaporates to provide the necessary balance. Thus, temperature and humidity can be obtained depending on the desired degree of plants.

  The system allows this level to be adjusted specifically for users. In this way, non-season vegetables and fruits are produced in high quality with confidence.

  High-Quality Fog Systems for Greenhouse Areas

  We produce high-pressure fog systems in our company for greenhouse areas directly. Our works starting with the manufacturing phase are provided by scaling and transportation until the installation. In addition, after-sales service is available 24 hours a day.

  These systems, which are dealt with by creative design and engineering, have a long-lasting effect thanks to the innovative understanding. High efficiency, especially at low costs, is one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes this product from others. On behalf of the fog systems for greenhouse areas prepared to international high standards, you can communicate immediately.