What is the Fog System Working Principle?

The fog system, also known as high-pressure fog systems in Turkish, has an important potential in many different sectors today. It provides a healthier production process, especially in humidification and cooling. In this respect, while the new advanced system[...]

What is Mist System?

Mist system, which is among the most preferred and advanced systems of recent years, stands out with its rational solutions. This system, which many people wonder about, is ventilation and humidification and cooling system. These systems, which have different [...]

For Which Areas Can Fogging System Be Used?

Fogging system can be used in every area that needs humidification and cooling. With the efficiency it provides through rational solution methods, it adapts to every field in a short time. Anyway, the service provided with scaling to be made in the region give[...]

What are the Features of Highpressure Fogging Systems

The high pressure fogging system, which has revolutionized humidification and cooling, has offered many different features and advantages. These designs, also known as high-pressure fog systems in Turkish, bring a completely different quality to the production[...]