Fogging System in Industrial Areas

Fogging systems, which can be applied in different fields with high and low pressure systems, are your advantageous partner to get productive results. The high pressure fogging system installed with chromium pipes is applied with 70 bar pressure. Water particl[...]

Fogsis Greenhouse Humidification

Thanks to the positive contributions we have made to the development of plants with moisturizing technology, we are helping our customers without knowing the border. By offering the fog nozzle system to our production customers, we are able to improve our plan[...]

High Quality Service with Fog System

 The fog system needed for the healthy development of plants is very important in seedling development and plant breeding. You will get this area from our company and you can get productive results thanks to our service. With precise controls made, the ha[...]

Fogsis Mist System

By using fogging technology, we can facilitate the plant production of our customers and provide the formation of plant in a short time. In this regard, our customers can realize their own production in a more suitable environment and save as much as they want[...]

More Productive Results With Foggis System

Both moisture and evaporative cooling are required for healthy plant growth and seedling growth. The right system is crucial for plant pathogens to help remove dangerous controls and precautions. Various studies should be carried out for the greenhouse study. [...]

A World Wide Use; Fogging System

The temperature is cooled by the fogging system which finds application area in different greenhouses. Widely used in both residential and commercial markets, this system uses sharp edge technology to increase temperature in addition to reducing temperature. D[...]