High pressure fog system

There is a temperature and humidity gradient between the two ends of the greenhouse. Generally temperatures rise from the wet pad to the fans. Growers can largely avoid this issue by using a high-pressure fog system, where nozzles are distributed throughout[...]


Most of all the time we talk about fog systems, where, how and why we could use it. Yes fogging is the best thing for our crops in greenhouses, fogging is the best way for cooling and etc. Today we want to Show you other side of “FOG”. You know ear[...]

Special High Pressure Systems for Greenhouse

In the context of greenhouse studies, the importance of keeping the humidity and temperature at a certain level is very important. These conserved criteria allow the produce to be more organic and healthier. Fog nozzle systems, which are prepared under a speci[...]

Usage Areas and Advantages of Fogging Systems

Fogging and humidification systems are one of the systems that many services need. It is characterized as a system that is needed by all those dealing with plant production, animal development, agriculture and animal husbandry. As Fogsis, we allow our customer[...]

Fog Systems to be evaluated in terms of industrial

Refrigeration systems should be evaluated in order to ensure that the various products produced within the scope of different sectors are of high quality and do not create any problems. Especially for air conditioning and liquid emission systems as well as hea[...]

Mist System is Important for Farms

In the world, there are so many farms which are build for different aims. Animal farms, botanic gardens, vegetable farms, fruit farms or similar places can be called like this. All of them have the same objective; getting high level productivity and then, so m[...]