Where Is The Cooling System Used?

Fogging system was established in Istanbul in 2014. It has gained great success in its field since its establishment. Their rightful success depends on their meticulousness and their continuing trust-based work. It has adopted the mission of being an example b[...]

What is Mist System?

The misting system is a system that helps to cool open spaces. Open areas are now cooled and saved from being hot and overwhelming. Accompanied by a high-pressure pump, it acts as a vent. In this way, it is helped to cool off the very hot and overwhelming envi[...]

High-Pressure Cooling Methods

A pressurized cooling system is an application used in many fields such as industry and industry, agriculture and construction. Fogsis.com address continues to work as your closest information, production and installation support. Your design, manufacturing an[...]

What is Fog System?

In our country, where agriculture is decreasing gradually and therefore the need for the number of people engaged in agriculture has increased, convenience has been provided to people engaged in agriculture. Systems have been established to provide the necessa[...]

What is Fog System? How does it work?

The fogging system, also known as the fogging system, is a system that can cool the environment in a short time and can provide as much moisture as the plants need when used in the greenhouse. It is also used in removing odours and insects, outdoor cooling, du[...]