What New Options in Fog Systems

What New Options in Fog Systems

Fog system equipment is used for the healthy and most important growing of the plants naturally. This system, which is generally used in greenhouses, is evaluated for maximum benefit from the product. This system, which is used in the field of engineering with full technology support, is important in terms of giving useful results. Tested and approved due to both worldwide are often preferred in Turkey. It is used together with special filters and equipments.

  Working Principle and Benefits of Fog Systems

These products, which provide high pressure humidification, form an artificial nebulae in greenhouses where clouds do not reach. Since these clouds are in the form of fog, the name is designated as '' fog ''. They are highly developed systems, which are known not only on the moisture scale but also on controlling the temperature. It makes it possible to grow quality products in terms of quality as well as quantity production. There are micro-conditioning features in the internal mechanism. Prevents damage to plants in the greenhouse periodically because it reduces both moisture and temperature periodically.

  Usage Areas of Fog Systems

Usually used in conjunction with the fog nozzle, these systems are used at a popular rate in areas where the temperature is too high. One of the most frequently used regions is Africa. With the system becoming more and more widespread, it has been opened to active evaluation in various steppes of Central Asia. In Turkey, the use of Inner Anatolia and Aegean Region. It is preferred and demanded in greenhouses in the Mediterranean region due to its successful effects. Today it is a system applied in professional scales in nearly 40 countries. It has been designed and developed in the last fifteen years. It is stated that in the last twenty years there will be more usage network.

  Greenhouse Humidification Applications and Effects

Greenhouse humidification, a special fogging method, is based on the principle of using water particles in the greenhouse area on a regular basis. It helps to reduce the ambient temperature naturally and gradually. In this way, the so-called relative humidity increases and the greenhouse plants are created in a much faster and healthier environment.   

Main Features and Advantages of Fog Systems

   In total, these systems, which spray water at 100 bar and above, make the transition to the gas phase in a much shorter time. Thanks to its technical equipment, the plants are prevented from getting wet. It was chosen as the most healthy method because of the signs of decay of plants wetted by excess. Plants that take the moisture they need away from the wetting effects are produced with high efficiency. The stage of the development also develops much faster than normal. With the faster production, the mills also have economic advantages. This is seen as the main reason for the frequent use of these systems. Much less energy and time is spent to achieve the desired high quality production. Installment payment options are also available to purchase systems.