What kind of facilities do the fog systems offer in terms of greenhouse humidification

What kind of facilities do the fog systems offer in terms of greenhouse humidification

It is of great importance to bring the temperature and humidity balance to the desired level in the greenhouse areas. In order to realize healthy vegetable and fruit production without wasting, cooling systems are used in greenhouse areas. Thus, Turkey has a high population potential for supply-demand balance can easily be met.


 In fact, not only for Turkey, but about the desired export quotas for different countries of the world, yield potential can be achieved. Of course, the main ventilation systems are not very effective in increasing efficiency and thinking about cost. Greenhouse humidification products, providing high light and low water consumption and offering more product cultivation, are among the most preferred systems of recent years.


 Creating Quality Areas Greenhouse Facility for Turkey


 Turkey is an agricultural country with high potential from every angle. Different seasons are experienced in different parts of the country; this allows the cultivation of various products. However, greenhouse areas are an indispensable element for the cultivation of all products on an equal basis in each region. Ventilation and cooling systems are indispensable for greenhouse areas.


 Greenhouse humidification products, which come into operation at this point, make the temperature balance the most suitable environment for the plants with the high technology it provides. With its cooling effect, humidification, stress reduction, more light possibilities and low water consumption, it offers privileges in every aspect.


 Low Cost High Efficiency


 In capturing supply-demand on behalf of both domestic and overseas, greenhouse humidification allows for higher yields and lower costs. As a matter of fact, the system, which allows water droplets to evaporate by means of special spraying method, has a different operating principle. Thus, it gives the opportunity of cooling at the same level in every area faster. More importantly, the resulting humidity and temperature are kept stable for a long time. This allows water consumption to reach a minimum, while allowing products to achieve higher light potential.


 Healthy Vegetable Fruit Growing Special Greenhouse Humidification Products


 Since its discovery, high-pressure fog systems have revolutionized humidity and temperature. The fact that it provides higher yields and lower costs than predictions makes it a very popular choice all over the world.


 The growth of plants is accelerated by increasing germination and reproduction, allowing plants to breathe easily and minimizing static electricity. In this way, more production and quality is achieved in the same period of time.


 Special Greenhouse Humidification Product Types with Reliable Service Policy


 We offer a professional approach throughout Turkey greenhouse humidification products, until you can get the best under mounting portion without scaling process. As a company, we support our service policy with very reasonable prices. Our expert staff realizes the most suitable design for greenhouse areas through creative design and engineering. Thus, you can have a more efficient, effective, long-term, low-cost ventilation system