What is the Privilege of Greenhouse Humidification Systems?

What is the Privilege of Greenhouse Humidification Systems?

High pressure fog systems, which are used in many different areas with the effective possibilities brought by technology, present an important potential especially for greenhouses. In order to achieve the supply-demand balance of different vegetables and fruits across the country, production must be done regardless of the weather conditions. That's why greenhouses are widely used in the fields around the Turkey. Of course, the critical humidity and temperature levels can be kept equally, it depends on special humidification and cooling systems. Here, greenhouse humidification has provided a new generation special privilege.

  Privilege of Greenhouse Humidification Systems

  Greenhouse humidification, which is produced especially depending on the structure of greenhouse areas, provides higher quality plant cultivation with many different privileges. Most importantly, these systems, which have the potential to capture critical humidity and temperature levels, provide high efficiency and low cost possibilities.

  Providing the potential to increase the crop value with production, fog systems offer the opportunity to reach the target through effective fog / vapor solutions. High pressure fog systems, which are a high level business partner in controlled environmental agriculture, can be used safely through their integrated equipment.

  Facilities of Greenhouse Humidification Systems

  Thanks to the many possibilities it provides for greenhouse areas, greenhouse humidification systems offer higher quality vegetable and fruit production. Thus, the products produced faster can reach all over the country with quality products on time.

  - Humidification,

 - Cooling,

 - Increasing spreading with germination,

 - To minimize water consumption,

 - Bringing static electricity to a minimum point with fragility,

 - Stress reduction,

 - Possibility to get more light,

 - Allowing plants to grow faster,

 Easy breathing

  High pressure fog systems are used extensively in greenhouse areas with many different possibilities such as these. In particular, it gives a special production facility in every respect to a favorable agricultural country such as Turkey.

 Greenhouse Humidification System with Working Principle

  Thanks to the careful working principle, it is possible to use these systems for all different greenhouse areas. The system, which creates the best balance of humidification by capturing the temperature balance, provides this equally to every domain in the greenhouse. With the equal spread of water droplets, humidification and cooling are carried out through evaporation in the air. Thus, plants can obtain all the possibilities they want under one roof. More importantly, it enables the plants to grow rapidly in high quality at low cost with high yield.

  Greenhouse Humidification Systems for Greenhouse Areas with Special Production

  High-pressure fog systems, which revolutionize greenhouse areas, offer a special use potential. Together with the discovery, it is produced through special planning. Then, with timely transportation, installation is provided under professional service. These systems, which are handled with special design and engineering, provide a long-lasting structure. For these products, which are prepared in accordance with international quality standards, it is sufficient to connect through the site.