What is the Importance of Fog Systems in Mushroom Production

What is the Importance of Fog Systems in Mushroom Production

Mushrooms are the leading among the plants that require suitable ambient conditions. Because they have a sensitive structure, the temperature and humidity balance should be kept at the desired level. Thus, the amount of production can be increased safely by providing a higher content. It consists of 90% water, especially fresh mushrooms. Since there is no obstacle between the surface of the fungus and the air, a high rate of water loss occurs in a short period of time when the correct environment is not provided. This soon causes damage to the fungus and a high loss. In order to avoid such a situation during production, fog nozzle systems are provided with effective possibilities. It contributes to the formation of the correct production line for cork against different weather conditions.

Correct Ambient Condition for Mushroom Production

  There are some conditions required for mushroom production. If these conditions are not fulfilled, it is not possible to obtain the desired efficiency. In order to achieve this, the mist system allows the desired possibilities to be maximized.

   - It is presented in a non-wet and composted moisture-caught environment.

  - High humidity and temperature content is obtained for ovulation period

  - Accurate temperature and humidity balance prevents weight loss.

  - High pressure fogging system provides a much easier use in the mushroom production industry. Thus, efficient mushroom cultivation can be realized over the calculated amount.

  The fog systems designed according to international standards are one of the most important ventilation systems for mushroom production.

  Advantages of High Pressure Fog Systems in Mushroom Production

 The fog system offers effective support to ensure the desired efficiency and quality.

  - Especially the energy savings it offers provide a minimum level of costs. Thus, it leads to the preparation of much wider production lines.

 - High humidity and temperature provides the opportunity to obtain the most suitable environment both during the spawning period and at the rearing point.

 - Provides a completely natural cooling environment. This is effective in capturing the natural environment that plants want.

 - Prevents weight loss and provides high humidity in environments where irrigation is not required.

  Quality Fog Systems with a Professional Understanding

 High-pressure sound systems, which we have dealt with within our company, are carried out with our expert staff from manufacturing point to assembly. Products are prepared depending on the structure of the production line and the environmental conditions. Afterwards, the installation takes place in the right place in the promised time. Our innovative understanding of creative design and engineering provides a high yield at the mushroom production point. Thanks to the after sales service, you can have long life, efficient, effective and economical systems. Greenhouse humidification, produced in accordance with international standards, is spread over a wide range in many different sectors around the world. If you want your production line to catch the right conditions, you can contact us immediately via our company.