What Is The Importance Of Fog Systems For Greenhouse Humidification

What Is The Importance Of Fog Systems For Greenhouse Humidification

Greenhouse areas are of great importance for healthy growing of many fruits and vegetables in different seasons throughout the year. And humidification and cooling are the most important elements in order to achieve healthy and high yield production in these greenhouse areas. If the desired environment is not established for plants with a sensitive structure, a high rate of loss may occur in the smallest case.

  Of course, ventilation systems with different characteristics are evaluated. However, to provide the high yield environment desired by the plants; greenhouse humidification systems stand out one step to create it at low costs. In order to maintain uniform humidity and temperature levels, fog systems for greenhouse areas are now being used extensively.

  Importance and Advantages of Fog Systems in Greenhouses

  In order to grow healthy and organic products with high content, greenhouse areas should be perfect in every respect. In particular, the right temperature and humidity balance allows all kinds of plants to be produced with a high number of satisfactory yields. In this respect, it is possible to say that greenhouse humidification systems provide many advantages and advantages.

 - Humidity and temperature balance

 - Cooling effect

 - Maximize germination and reproduction

 - Reduction of water consumption

 - Stress reduction

 - Providing easy breathing of plants

 - Offering more light

 - Very low sensitivity and static electricity

 Thanks to many more such possibilities, greenhouse areas now allow the formation of many vegetables and fruits to be produced in different seasons.

  Greenhouse Humidification Systems for Fruit Production

  The fog systems maximize the goal of increasing the value of the product in terms of production for greenhouse areas. The perfect control evaporation system, combined with drip and integrated equipment, allows the controlled environment to be safely realized in agricultural production. Thus it is obtained in most health facilities safe way products are to be achieved on all four sides of Turkey.


 In order to achieve the supply-demand balance, especially with the increase of the human population every year, production with a higher potential is required. Therefore, greenhouse areas have become much more important for agriculture. With its high quality system, greenhouse humidification products are developed under a new generation special technological structure. With the effect of more light, humidification and cooling, the desired environment of the plants is captured and high production opportunity is provided.

  Greenhouse Humidification Systems with Quality Service

  Founded in areas around the greenhouse for Turkey, within our company, you can safely evaluate this system. Depending on the necks of the greenhouses and climatic conditions, we provide production through scaling. In addition, whatever kind of vegetable and fruit cultivation is going to be carried out, we carry out production for safe use at different degrees.

  We are pleased to provide the best services, including transportation and installation, of internationally prepared systems through creative design and engineering. You can contact us for the fog systems that provide the most suitable environment for the plants and create more economic and high efficiency.