What is the importance of fog system in animal production

What is the importance of fog system in animal production

It is of great importance to obtain the right conditions in order to obtain efficiency in animal husbandry. Especially extreme temperatures are one of the biggest problems in animal production. Feeding animals with different internal mechanisms therefore vary in their desired heat environment.  Thanks to the moisture and temperature balance to be achieved when producing for animal species, it can be obtained in a short time to contain more healthy and high amount of products. The fog nozzle system provides a controlled environment for the animals to develop under safe conditions. In this way, a high level of production is provided without any waste problem due to balanced humidity and temperature. This is why the worldwide mist system continues to spread over a larger area each year.

 Efficient Environments for Animals

   According to human physiology, animals have a more sensitive structure. Therefore, protecting animals from different climatic conditions and weather conditions is of great importance for smooth production. Animals that produce in an unbalanced environment do not cause problems such as vomiting, drowsiness or behavior. In addition, a chance to stay away from many complications that cause death can be obtained. Of course, effective environmental conditions also allow the animal to stay away from diseases that can live. Therefore, the types of high pressure fogging systems to be installed at the right points of the production line must be considered in a professional manner.

 Different Properties of Fog Systems

   The variety of fog systems in animal production offers different characteristics. It provides effective solutions to achieve a high yield and above standards.

   - A particularly high increase in meat, milk and egg production is provided.

  - Stress placed on animals is minimized.

  - It allows to eliminate bad odor in the environment.

  - Provides longer reproduction period.

  - Provides energy saving and high production with lower costs.

 The fog systems are of great importance today to provide the right ambient condition in order to prevent the decrease in animal production and low productivity. High-pressure fog systems that keep pace with the technology offer a higher advantage than other ventilation products.

  Good quality fog systems for a healthy production

  High-pressure fog systems provide the ideal solution for animal production in order to achieve the desired efficiency, quality and health. From the manufacturing stage to the installation department, we provide service with fog systems for professional applications. We also offer an effective production line of longevity products with innovative design and engineering, innovative insight.  You can use greenhouse humidification systems for many years in accordance with our service policy, which has the highest international standards. It offers effective opportunities not only for animal production but also for many other sectors.