What Is The Fogging System Used For?

What Is The Fogging System Used For?

The fogging system is a method between air humidification and soil irrigation and is highly developed. It is used in greenhouses to cool the environment in a short time. Air temperature and leaf temperature are important for the healthy development of plants.

 The ventilation of the greenhouse is insufficient without decreasing the temperature of the plants and leaves. For this reason, the ambient temperature can be reduced by 8 or 12 degrees with the fogging system. Thanks to this method, the surfaces of the plant leaves are covered with water like a film strip. The energy required to ensure the evaporation of water in this way is taken from the plant surfaces.

 Benefits of the Fogging System

 While fogging and shading are less, the plants benefit from sunlight is also high. With the fogging system, the plant temperature is rapidly reduced, while the temperature inside the greenhouse decreases. Humidity formed in the greenhouse may increase proportionally. In addition to the decrease in drug use and the greenhouse effect, the growing season is also prolonged in this way. As the number of plants per square meter increases, the water loss in the soil decreases. The air in it is circulated and measures are taken for mold and fungus that will occur due to high humidity. The increase in the growth and vitality of the plant shows that it is the most advantageous situation.

 Fogging System Usage Areas

 Snowfall is very low today. It is aimed to reach customers without losing value or being damaged. The spoilage problems caused by deterioration of the appearance of foods or drying can be eliminated by creating moist environments and lowering the ambient temperature. Fruits, meats, vegetables, and fish can be used this way in their aisles.

 Greenhouse humidification is used in the fogging system and greenhouse cultivation of tropical and sub-tropical agricultural products. The moisture requirement of the plant increases in this area. The required environment can be achieved by 90 percent with the fogging system. The humidity in the spaces is fixed with the humidity control unit. In order not to damage the plants, especially in extremely hot weather, these systems are used to reduce the ambient temperature. This event creates a healthy life span for plants. Mushroom production is among the plants that need the most moisture. For this reason, the production area is obtained for production facilities at rates of 90 percent and above. At the same time, high-pressure fogging systems can be used for livestock breeding, egg and chicken production, wine cellars, cold storage, tobacco storage, and processing facilities.

 Fog Effects

 A fog nozzle is used for fog effects. At the same time, it provides advantageous uses due to its innovative designs. Professionals such as special effects designers, fountain designers, and landscape architects are offered options for their designs with the Nozzle series. Cross and special effects can be used with these nozzles to achieve visual enhancement to the fountain or to capture the lighting. Advantageous systems are obtained in this area with the Mist system. Fogging system is used according to the needs and special conditions. Thus, designs for more efficient use are obtained.