What is the Feature of Fog Nozzle Systems

What is the Feature of Fog Nozzle Systems

Ventilation systems are of great importance in social life, especially in the industrial sector and factories. In particular, the continuation of production in a healthier environment depends on the use of appropriate ventilation systems in the space. Of course, these systems must offer special advantages in every respect. In recent years, fog nozzle systems with high technology special structure are used a lot. The features it provides provide effective returns in every field used.

 - High efficiency

 - Energy saving

 - Possibility to use for many years

 - Creative design and engineering

 - Better quality product output

 - Healthy environment

 It offers many different advantages such as depending on where to use it. Adhering to international standards around the world prepared with quality building ventilation systems, with extensive features offered Turkey has an important place in the market.


 Special Design Fog Nozzle Systems for Different Areas

 The fog nozzle systems, which can be used in many different areas, stand out especially in terms of high performance and energy saving. Thanks to the new generation technology usage understanding it provides, it has brought a completely different innovation in the air conditioning and cooling sector. Therefore, it is used extensively especially in terms of production sector.

 - Greenhouse areas

 - Animal Cooling

 - Mushroom production

 - Industrial use

 - Textile and paper factories

 - Ocular control

 Depending on the structure of the production sector, the dimensions of the area and the structure of the products, systems are produced under special design.

 Working Principle of Fog Nozzle Systems

  The fog nozzle has created a completely different structure compared to other ventilation and air conditioning systems. This system, which is installed with a professional understanding, serves by evaporation through the water spray path. The sprayed water droplets evaporate evenly and spread over every area. Thus, while creating a higher cooling system; the humidity and temperature balance in the environment reaches the desired level. Thus, different products coming out of production are presented to the market in a much better quality and efficient way. In addition, a more spacious working environment is created based on the health of the employees. The basis of the system is energy saving and high efficiency. It offers this thanks to its special structure in its design.

  Special Fog Nozzle System for All Areas at Affordable Prices

 Also known as high pressure fog systems in Turkish, this product brings an equal temperature and humidity balance to all areas through its special fog hood. We are proud to provide you with professional support in this regard. From scaling to manufacturing and assembly, we provide support throughout the entire process. In addition, after-sales service is performed in a professional manner.  These special ventilation systems, which provide long-lasting, efficient and effective usage opportunities, are obtained within our company at affordable prices for your budget. We are proud to instill a trust in you with our high business ethics, experience and references we have achieved to date.