What is the Effect of High Pressure Fog Systems in Greenhouses

What is the Effect of High Pressure Fog Systems in Greenhouses

Vegetable fruit grown in different seasons during the whole year, necessarily needs a certain temperature and humidity balance. This level should be maintained for the cultivation of better quality, high yielding organic products. In order to achieve the supply-demand balance in today's global world, production should be done quite high. This means that the desired quota must be captured without any waste. To achieve this, ventilation systems to be used in greenhouse areas are of great importance. It is necessary to use systems which will provide air circulation and protect the humidity and temperature balance against weather conditions. High-pressure fogging system to increase the value of high production and product comes from the most important ventilation systems evaluated in recent years.

  Special High Pressure Fog Systems for Quality Aquaculture

High pressure fogging system, which makes a significant contribution to controlled environment agriculture, has become an indispensable part of today's greenhouse areas. This system, which provides equal temperature and humidity balance with the evaporation method of water droplets, enables the products to be grown in a healthy environment. Allows direct contact with other ventilation systems. From the moment of contact with perfect evaporation, a true temperature and humidity balance is captured. Thus, the targeted production quantity can be completed without any wastage. No matter what season the greenhouse is produced, it offers the best balance between the coldest and warmest weather conditions.

  Greenhouse Area Fog Systems Contribution

   Proper ventilation systems should be used to ensure efficient cultivation and climb over the desired quota. Vegetable fruits are sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore, high pressure fogging system products designed with high level technology provide important contributions for greenhouse areas.

   - Correct moisturizing effect

  - Cooling effect

  - Increase in production with germination

  - Provides more water consumption

  - Possibility to allow higher amounts of light

  - Easy breathing environment and minimal stress reduction

   Thanks to such opportunities, all different types of vegetables and fruits are produced in high quality, high efficiency.

  Accurate Humidity and Temperature Balance for the Plant's Fast Growth

   Different vegetables and fruits are produced in different seasons. However, thanks to the correct environment obtained in the greenhouse areas, it is possible to grow plants in every season. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to create the environment in which the right temperature and humidity balance is achieved. Thus, by allowing the plants to grow faster, in a timely manner and in high quality, efficient vegetable fruit production is provided. In addition, this system, which allows static electricity to be reduced to minimum level and eliminates the sensitivity, also provides low cost. High pressure fogging system at very reasonable prices is offered for all greenhouse areas within our company. We are proud to present our manufacturing, project design, transportation and assembly processes with a reliable service policy within our company.