What is the contribution of fog systems in mushroom production

What is the contribution of fog systems in mushroom production

A very sensitive environment must be created for mushroom production. Considering that 90% of the fungi contain water, moisture and temperature balance is of great importance. If this balance is not brought to the desired point, the desired yield and quantity cannot be obtained. Today, the demand and consumption of mushrooms are quite high.   When used as a meal in itself, it is also evaluated with different foods. Therefore, manufacturers use ventilation systems to ensure correct production over the promised time. However, the fog nozzle is one step ahead in order to achieve a higher quality production environment at lower costs.  Especially because there is no barrier between the surface of the cork and the air, it experiences very fast weight and water loss at humidity below 90%. In order to prevent this and to maximize production, high pressure fog systems have revolutionized.

 Moisture and Temperature Balance for Mushroom Breeding

   Temperature and humidity balance must always be kept at the right rate for the mushroom production. It should not be too wet but a moisture in the compost should be caught. Especially the spawning period requires high humidity and temperature. In addition, the temperature and humidity must remain at the highest level in order to avoid the crop weight loss. In other words, because it has a very sensitive structure, it is necessary to provide the best environmental conditions for the fungi. In this regard, mist system types, today offers the most appropriate conditions for fungi.

 Advantages of High Pressure Fog Systems in Mushroom Growing

  Mushrooms are widely consumed throughout the country and have different species. Especially in many different meals are evaluated very much. Therefore, to achieve the supply-demand balance a high level of production is required. But the sensitive structure of the fungus reveals many difficulties.  Especially catching the correct temperature and humidity are compelling against the hot conditions in Turkey. High pressure fogging system types, which are designed by taking all these factors and conditions into account, enable high quality production with high cost and low cost.

  - Energy-saving

 - Moisture balance above 90%

 - Completely natural cooling

 - High efficiency and fast production

 - Minimization of potential diseases

  High-pressure fog systems, which offer a special production environment for mushroom cultivation, also provide a long-lasting use.

 Fog Systems at Affordable Prices

   At every stage of our company that gives a professional support, you can also provide mushroom cultivation with confidence. Our works starting with scaling continue with the production, transportation and assembly deck. The desired moisture and temperature balance for mushrooms is provided in a short time with low costs. Moreover, it allows the continuity of the environment. For the fog systems we have dealt with in the concept of creative design and engineering, you can contact us immediately. These international high standards provide economic, long-lasting, efficient and effective support.