What is the contribution of fog systems for greenhouses

What is the contribution of fog systems for greenhouses

Greenhouse areas are of great importance in order to best meet the demand for fruit and vegetables throughout the country. Thus, different vegetables in different seasons can be grown easily throughout the year.

  However, moisture and temperature levels need to be maintained to achieve high yields and to grow healthy products. For the protection of these systems, different products are evaluated. However, with the increasing population, greenhouse humidification systems come to the fore for higher and higher quality production.

  With its new generation understanding and high technological structure, it enables the desired yield to be achieved in greenhouse areas. Depending on the size of the greenhouses and the crop grown, it provides an equal balance of humidity and temperature.

  Special Greenhouse Humidification Systems to Achieve Production Goals

 Greenhouse humidification systems that provide high efficiency with quality and new generation design bring many advantages to greenhouse areas. These systems, which offer an increase in product and production values, allow the capture of the desired atmosphere in the greenhouse in accordance with different weather conditions. High-pressure fog systems that allow for controlled environmental farming recognize the best privileges with integrated equipment and excellent control evaporation systems.

  In order to reach the right production targets and meet the demand throughout the country, it is one of the most accurate systems for greenhouse areas. The high pressure fog systems that work with the evaporation system through the drip method offer many privileges in every aspect.

  Opportunities Provided by High Pressure Fog Systems for Greenhouses

  Greenhouse humidification systems for greenhouse areas are being evaluated for better quality and efficient vegetable and fruit growing. Jointly, the possibilities for greenhouses around the country are of great importance.

 - Balance of humidity and temperature

 - Cooling effect

 - Increase germination and reproduction

 - Minimizing water consumption

 - Providing opportunity to minimize sensitivity with static electricity

 - Stress reduction

 - Making plants grow rapidly

 Thanks to many more such opportunities, vegetable and fruit cultivation can be realized in a completely natural, healthy and organic way. Especially with the desired humidity and temperature balance, besides the irrigation system, the possibility of receiving more light can also be obtained through these systems.

  Special Design Greenhouse Humidification System with New Generation Technological Structure

  You can contact us for high pressure fog systems that we manufacture and assemble with professional service concept. The system provides an effective balance of humidity and temperature, especially in greenhouses, and enables the production of vegetables and fruits with higher yields.

  These systems, which we produce with creative design and engineering, continue our support with after-sales service. You can easily use customer satisfaction with our plug-and-play system within our productions. Thanks to the economic, long-lasting, efficient and quality system, you can achieve the best supply-demand balance.