What is Misting System?

What is Misting System?

Misting system is a cooling system that is widely used in open areas. It eliminates the effect of heavy and overwhelming air in the applied place and removes it from the environment by means of a fan. Misting system generally consists of a pressure pipe, pressure pump, and nozzles. Detailed information about the system will be available on this page.

 Outdoor Misting System Application

 The most important usage area of ​​the misting system, which is used in a wide variety and settings, is the discomfort caused by the heat structure in the garden environment where time is spent in the summer months. The evaporative system in the mist system will work as a cooling and cooling system for the comfort and convenience of the person. The needed relief can be removed in this way. A portable system is recommended for the convenience and comfort of farmers working in the field, especially in summer. Person comfort is important in this system, which was designed and implemented as portable as an outdoor system.

 Usage areas

 Systems designed for entertainment and sports centers are designed according to the open-air system. Thus, the comfort of the person in all areas is taken as a basis. It is aimed to make football players comfortable in the field of sports by means of the mist system that is activated when they are tired of running. High-pressure systems have different usage areas besides cooling. It creates an ideal usage structure for adding moisture to greenhouse-type application areas. It provides controlled air exchange by acting as a sprinkler system during any fire.

 High Pressure And Medium Pressure System

 With its aesthetic appearance, it creates a good effect area to leave a good effect in open areas such as pools and gardens. As a medium pressure and low-pressure system, the system can be low cost according to its own structure. It has a much better alternative than others. They can lower the ambient temperature up to 10 degrees. Its frequent use is in the summer months. In the fog system, it obtains a beautiful appearance in terms of aesthetics in the summer season as the best.

 Misting System Budget

 The most affordable of the misting system is open-air systems. Outdoor systems generally consist of special usage areas. Portable cooling systems are the most suitable. And frequent use is provided. Whichever selection is made, the system with fogging content basically works at the same levels. Its components include a water storage reservoir, a water storage pump, and a nozzle that functions as a water spray. There is its own fan in the water mist distribution. Although the basic components are the same in this system, which is used in many cooling processes, the steaming system does not work in the same way. Providing multi-function with less energy in general in the fogging system reveals its most important feature. Quality is emphasized by using the best and highest quality component parts of difficult mechanical systems. Less energy means a more affordable budget. The use of the misting system is provided by the relevant authorities as an effective method to establish a good system with an appropriate budget in order to save money and time. It is also easy to use in areas with low and medium humidity. It is a very simple system for those who want to achieve a comfortable ambient atmosphere and an aesthetic appearance.