What is Mist System?

What is Mist System?

Mist system, which is among the most preferred and advanced systems of recent years, stands out with its rational solutions. This system, which many people wonder about, is ventilation and humidification and cooling system. These systems, which have different operating principles compared to other structural products, are also known as high-pressure fog systems. It is used in many areas today, especially with its low cost and high efficiency. It constitutes an important potential in the entertainment sector, along with greenhouse areas, especially in different sectors in terms of production.

  Misting System

  The misting system, also known as the fogging system in Turkish, is the most preferred ventilation system in the world. Especially the working principle with completely different and new technological features provides effective use in the long term. This structure, which is evaluated by spraying, provides equal access to every area through the droplet. Thus, with the evaporation of the droplets in the air, the heat balance that spreads to the environment equally creates a healthy production area. This stands out not only for the products but also for the employees.

  Different Usage Areas of the Misting System

  Plug-and-play with an easy to use system that enables misting systems, as in many countries of the world is also being used in different areas in Turkey. In addition to being evaluated 24/7 and giving an equal temperature everywhere, it offers many more different features. In this direction, it is possible to say that it has a wide usage area.

  - Industrial areas

 - Animal cooling

 - Greenhouse cultivation

 - Mushroom production

 - Odor control

 - Dust suppression service

 - Textile sector

 - Create special effects

 - Open air cooling

  Misting systems, which are produced through creative design and engineering, adhering to international quality standards, provide quality used in all areas above.

  What are the Features of Misting System?

  Misting systems, which stand out with their many different features, constitute an important potential, especially at the production point. While reducing the cost offers a privilege in itself, it also provides a quality production opportunity with high efficiency. Because the temperature provided to each area equally allows the area to stay at the desired temperature for a long time. It provides a healthy working environment with ventilation while maintaining moisture balance. At the same time, it can be used safely for years with its long life, efficient, plug-and-play convenience and after-sales service.

  Misting System Support with Corporate Service Approach

  As the world's high-pressure fog systems used in different countries in many areas in Turkey market, professional services offered within the scope of understanding. The structures produced by scaling in accordance with the area provide advanced technology with all its possibilities. At the same time, 24/7 support, as well as transportation and assembly, is offered under after-sales service.