What is High Pressure Fogging System?

What is High Pressure Fogging System?

 The high pressure fogging system, which means high pressure fogging systems, can be used in many areas. Air conditioning and cooling systems, heating systems, CO2 systems, dehumidification systems and buffer tank sera are used for air conditioning in germination and cold rooms.

  Fogsis serves as an air conditioning firm. High pressure fogging system is used in mushroom production, livestock sector and dust suppression.

  What is Fog System?

  The fog system, which is very important for production centers, has been developed with high technology. It is possible to see that different systems are used in gardens, botanical places, fruit production, vegetable production and animal farms. It is necessary to make use of these systems in order to achieve a high level of productivity.

The fogging system has an important place in the successful production of the farms. This system, which can be made in two different ways as high pressure and low pressure, is used to shorten the environment in a short time and to provide the necessary nutrients for the greenhouse. While chromium pipes are used in high pressure system; Polyethylene pipes are used in low pressure system. The fogging system is generally; high pressure pump, pressure regulator, ansynchronous ektromotor, control panel, mechanical cleaning filter and spray mouth.

  Farmers benefit from the greenhouse humidification service to moisturize the greenhouses they own. The fog system, which has been widely used in the world, is also called the mist system. It is the most convenient method for cooling outdoor areas. With the high-pressure pumps, the water sent to the spray nozzles spreads in the form of particles in the form of particles, creating a mist layer in the air without any dripping or wetting. When it meets hot air, it evaporates and sucks the temperature in the environment. Those who want to provide a comfortable environment for their customers or employees also prefer to benefit from this system.

What are Fog Nozzle Services?

  Today, fog nozzle services are used in outdoor areas of restaurants and cafés. Companies that want to increase their customer potential in hot climatic conditions show great interest in open air cooling and cooling systems. Separately, some additional components that can be added to the system can be provided to provide a pleasant fragrance that continues to be continuous. For this reason, sometimes these systems can be used for odor prevention.

  Thanks to the high pressure fogging system, spraying can be carried out. Thus, by feeding with organic wastes, it is ensured that bacteria in the air that cause bad smells are lost. For this reason, these systems are much more hygienic than other systems. It is also possible for the system, which allows air to pass through the filter, to block the dust in the environment. In this way, a more healthy air flow is provided in the environment.

  Outdoor cooling and fogging systems are among the choices of many people and companies today. In addition, many advantages can be gained from this system. Users gain efficiency while at the same time contributing to a healthy airflow. It is necessary to make use of these systems in accordance with the climate conditions. It is possible to use these services in various fields such as textile, greenhouse, cooling or dust suppression.