What are the Usage Areas of the Misting System?

What are the Usage Areas of the Misting System?

Mist systems are most commonly described as a series of specialized water jets arranged in a row around the perimeter of an area. A high-pressure mist system is connected to the pump and forced to spray water. There are many areas where the misting system is used. It has functional uses such as dust suppression and deodorization, as well as industrial uses such as greenhouses, various animal shelters, and mushroom production facilities. Some of these will be explained under headings.


 Remember how good you felt when you walked into a greenhouse when it was overwhelmingly hot outside, right? This is thanks to the mist system used to help plants cool down. This refreshing mist sounded like it was in a water cooler, but it's just technology that makes it look chilled. It uses evaporative cooling to keep greenhouse temperatures perfect for growing plants. Water is sprayed with pressure and fills the air with a super fine mist. As this fog evaporates, the heat from the air is consumed and a cooler environment is created inside the greenhouse. For this, you can either purchase a ready-to-install misting system set or create your own from scratch.

 Animal Cooling

 The Mist system offers a wide variety of cooling solutions to solve the problem of keeping animals cool in hot summer. Heat exposes livestock to heatstroke, which could put producers' investment at risk. High temperatures create stress on animals and pose a significant threat. Because in this case, the body temperature of the animals cannot be reduced. Mist system; When used in places such as barns, barns, and poultry, it solves this problem by reducing the temperature of animals. Creating a suitable environment in these places where animal breeding is made also increases the production of animal foods.

 Dust Suppression

 High pressure fogging systems; prevents dust particles in many places such as mining and quarry industries, land and construction development, timber and grain processing plants, fiberglass production, cutting, grinding, and sandblasting plants. Dust particles in the air have a negative impact on machinery and equipment as well as a cause of reduced health conditions for workers and the workplace. Powders also significantly reduce productivity in production. Designed with two different methods to be used specifically for this, the mist system uses small water droplets or a fog cloud to envelop the dust particles. With the first of these two different methods, it is aimed that dust particles fall without wetting the floor, and with the second, the possibility of spreading into the air is reduced.

 Industrial Use

 It is expensive to cool a large warehouse or any place where production will be made. Misting system has devices and fans that reduce the temperature and even provide energy savings that can reduce electricity consumption. It provides an efficient industrial cooling system with only the highest quality components that allow regulating temperature, humidity, and dust in the warehouse, plant, or factory to increase the manufacturer's profit. Fogging in the industry will create a more comfortable and controlled environment in order to ensure that the equipment to be used operates at optimum levels.